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By Judy Jack Green

5 Mar 5, 2019

Monday March4 appointment

Jack and I were very happy with the results of our appointment. Our teeth look fabulous. Both hygienists were dilligent in their work and pleasant in the process. Thank-you. I do miss the insurance I had when I was working but this is how retirement goes sometimes...
By Ann Clarke

5 Feb 12, 2019

5 stars for Dr. Amir

I was there for two small fillings that did not even require freezing. In and out in 15 minutes. Told Dr. Amir it was a great experience, but the bill was something else. $420.00 for two small cavities, taking less than 15 minutes, that is a bit ridiculous. Why so much?
By Ann Boyd

5 Jan 31, 2019
Fast efficient work and pain free:) Haven't had much done lately , love the new methods and equipment.
By Chester hodgins

1 Jan 30, 2019
By Laura

5 Jan 26, 2019


Excellent service. Friendly professional staff. Wonderful dentist who makes you feel comfortable right away. The new technology being used makes any procedures pain free. I don't dread going to the dentist anymore.
By Cindy McCarthy

4 Jan 21, 2019

Manager Transportation and Compliance, Southern Ontario Aggregates

I was disappointed to find information about the state of my teeth - places where I had small cavities that were being watched and I had no idea and suddenly I'm told I have five cavities from one visit to the next. Dr. Amir and the dental assistant I had on Friday were very patient making explanations as to what was going on with my teeth and what work they were doing. He was also excellent at checking in to make sure I was comfortable will work was being done on my teeth. I would like to think that all staff at the dental centre would work in that same manner.
By Lynda Brown

5 Jan 19, 2019
You ard all amazing. No such thing as a bad trip to the dentist.anymore
By Marsha

5 Jan 19, 2019

I was late

Even though I was late for my appointment, everyone was pleasant and all of my work was completed. Very satisfied
By Kitty Bavington

5 Jan 17, 2019


Excellent, efficient, friendly service, immaculate office.
By Susan Cogar

5 Jan 12, 2019
Thanks to the team!