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By Steve Draycott

5 14 days ago

Removal of partial tooth

I had a little concern with the removal because a few years ago I had a tooth removed and when he finished the incision kept bleeding and bleeding and I had to have 11 stitches to stop the bleeding because I take 86mg Asprin. This time the extraction went great! The dentist was very professional and extracted the tooth in a minimal amount of time. I felt no pain throughout the whole operation and a minimal amount of pain when the freezing came out. The incision stopped bleeding by 6:00 pm. It went so well I did not even have to take painkillers. I want to thank the Dentist and his nurse for their expert care! Thanks Steven Draycott
By Donna

4 24 days ago

Love my dentist office

The staff are awesome, great at accommodating in emergencies. I'm satisfied
By Sheila Radmann

5 25 days ago

Teeth cleaning

That was a good experience. I am always happy with the work that Tammy does.
By Denice kurtz

5 a month ago


Highly recommend. Exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable, as well as prompt and caring.

5 a month ago
Good appt
By Allan Clark

5 2 months ago
Great as usual!!!
By Carol Foreman

5 2 months ago


As hard as it is to believe but my extradition was painless! There was little bleeding after. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Thanks for making me comfortable throughout my appointment.
By Patsy Ingram

5 2 months ago
This crown procedure was the easiest one I have had to sit through. Dentist and nurse were very pleasant, fun and gentle. Bravo to the clinic for have such good people Pat Ingram
By Trish Varty

5 2 months ago
Tammy is terrific. Always does a great job, painless and quick. Michelle in the office does a great job also Trish
By Sharon Warren

5 2 months ago
No problems, no complaints. Would recommend to others.