By Bonnie Durward

1 May 17, 2018

Appt on May 14/18 - Haleigh Durward

Haleigh was seen by Dr. Amir in an emergency situation on May 15/18. He pulled an x-ray from July 19, 2017 and informed me that Haleigh's left jaw joint was out of place and pressed against her skull, and that this is something that is typically seen in 60 - 80 year olds, and that surgery is done to remove some of the skull bone to allow more clearance for the joint to move, but she was young so he wasn't sure what they would do. I asked him why this wasn't noticed on the x-ray when it was taken back in 2017; he replied that they only look at the teeth! He said that her jaw should release in a couple of hours and if not to call Dr. Renick if it didn't, but he fully expected that it would. I was provided with the contact information and we left. I got to my car and immediately called Dr. Renick and left a voicemail; they called back within minutes and informed me that they don't look after TMJ issues and referred me to Dr. Moore's office and provided me with the number. Haleigh saw Dr. Wong on Wednesday at 10:45AM; he did a thorough examination and concluded that her jaw is sprained due to a recent surgery on Sat. May 12/18 and fully explained what likely happened during surgery and provided recommendations to prevent further injury and to start the healing process. When I informed him of Dr. Amir's diagnosis, he was shocked! So not only was she misdiagnosed, I was referred to an oral surgeon who doesn't practice in TMJ!! To say the least, I am upset and disappointed in how this was whole situation was handled. If Dr. Amir didn't know what was going on, he should have just said that instead of guessing and ensured that he provided me with the proper information for someone who could help!!!