By John Paul Beaudoin

5 3 months ago

Amazing !! Dr. Nika Sabri & Erin Cattle !

Beaverton Dental Office is incredibly well run ! From the technology used for booking appointments and the helpful reminders (which I need :|) to the COVID questionnaire before your appointment ! I have every confidence of being treated by ANY of the Dentists as they continue to provide world class service and expertise (I have had 4 different Dr.'s either consult or treat me - all of whom were excellent) ! Dentist N. Sabri - 5 Stars (out of 5) ! In terms of quality of Dental care - I can not recommend this office and Dr. Sabri, highly enough ! I have been extremely impressed with Dr. Sabri, and her skilled work on my own (and ongoing) dental issues. Dr. Sabri, is exceedingly patient and thorough, and she is very talented not only in the painstaking and detailed work I required (many hours - requiring multiple appointments - with Fantastic results BTW) But I must also remark that Dr. Sabri, as incredibly skilled in ensuring that I felt as little to no localized pain as possible. In fact the initial needles for freezing where absolutely painless -! For anyone who maybe be leery of needles - Dr. Sabri is es should consider when looking to find a new Dentist ! Erin Cattle, Treatment Co-ordinator Exceedingly helpful, Erin was amazing in managing some the run around that my benefits co were giving me. Erin's, calm but professional manner took away any pressure or anxiety around the issue, instilling confidence that she and her team would get the best possible outcome for me - and she did ! Thank You Erin !! World class office - world class service !!